If you’re looking for a book all about creatures found under the sea, then you should check out Sea Animals, an educational book from iStoryBooks.

This informational text introduces kids to a wide variety of animals that live both in and out of the water. As kids read through the story, they’ll be shown colorful pictures of each sea animal. They’ll also get to learn a lot about each sea animal, such as the animal’s body type and what the animal does in the water.


Throughout the book, kids will also learn some interesting facts. For example, did you know that if a crab loses a leg it’s able to grow a new one or that octopuses and seahorses change color when they’re trying to hide?


Kids can listen to Sea Animals straight through, learning about a lot of different sea animals at once or they can work through the book more slowly. To help enhance the educational value of the book, consider reading through it one animal at a time, and then pausing the story. As kids learn about each sea animal, they can:

  • Draw a picture of the animal
  • Do an Internet search to learn more about the animal
  • Make up a story about the animal
  • Compare and contrast the animal to other sea animals
  • Look at additional pictures of the animals online

Once kids have read through the book, encourage them to read about additional sea animals or pick a favorite sea animal to research further. If you have an aquarium or zoo nearby, you can even pay a visit to see if your child’s favorite sea animal can be found in one of the tanks.

Another fun activity for kids related to the book is to have kids draw an aquarium on a giant piece of paper and add their own pictures of all the animals found in the book to the aquarium (well, those found underwater anyway). Make the aquarium more fun by cutting a window in a cardboard box, painting the back blue, and then cutting out and hanging the pictures with string so that it looks like they’re swimming in the water.


Enjoy reading about sea creatures in Sea Animals and don’t forget to check out all of the other amazing educational books iStoryBooks has to offer.