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iStorybooks’ new Self-Worth series is designed to help kids learn to feel better about themselves. One of the books in that series is called I Like You Just the Way You Are. This short animated picture book tells the story of Tommy, “a plain old turtle with a boring old brown shell.” There’s nothing that makes Tommy stand out, at least not in his mind, and his classmates like to point that out. Tommy begins to wish that he was different and tries different ways to make himself look more exciting, but nothing really works.


Kids can relate to the story of Tommy the turtle in many different ways. Maybe they don’t like their hair or think they’re clothes aren’t as colorful or cute as their friends’ clothes. Maybe they wish they were good at sports or more like one of their friends. Just like Tommy’s mother keeps assuring Tommy that she likes him just the way he is, this story can give parents and teachers the opportunity to reassure kids that they are great just the way they are.

This story in iStorybooks’ Self-Worth series can also help kids learn to think about the power of their words and how they make others feel. Tommy’s classmates always call Tommy “a plain old turtle with a boring old brown shell.” Even though Tommy knows he has other qualities, the words of his classmates start to get to him. When Tommy’s classmates start to change their words and show Tommy what they appreciate about him rather than what he lacks, Tommy’s attitude begins to change. Reading this story can encourage kids to focus on the positive attributes of their own classmates rather than focusing on the negative.

I Like You Just the Way You Are is a great story to read in the classroom and at home to help kids build their self-worth and learn ways to help build the self-worth of their peers.