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Halloween is fast approaching. If you, or your children, haven’t decided what to be for Halloween, we’ve got a few ideas inspired by some of our favorite iStoryBooks stories.



Obviously, girls may want to dress up as Cinderella in her beautiful pink gown, but consider some other options from the story. For example, you can dress up in a dress with patches on it to portray Cinderella before she goes to the ball or throw on a pink dress and some fairy wings, and then fashion a wand out of a stick and some tinfoil to become her fairy godmother. Another idea would be to paint on some warts, throw on a mismatched shirt and skirt, and go as an ugly stepsister.

Snow White


Another story that offers a lot of costume options is Snow White. Boys can throw on a blue shirt and pants, fashion a gold sash out of ribbon, and put on a gold crown to become the prince or they can wear a red shirt and top, make a hat out of newspaper and paint it red, and add a fake rifle to become the huntsman. They can also dress up as one of the dwarves, throwing on a wool cap, making a beard out of cotton, and wearing a loose-fitting shirt with a felt around it, along with pants in a complementary color.

Girls can put on a pink dress and pink gloves to dress up as snow white or wear a purple dress and ugly makeup to turn into the evil queen. Both boys and girls could become the magic mirror by cutting an oval out of a piece of foam board or cardboard, cutting out a hole for the face, and adding foil or shiny wrapping paper to make the reflective surface. Parents can punch holes and tie ribbon around the child to get the mirror to stay on or attach it to the clothes with velcro.

The Little Red Hen


Both boys and girls can dress up as any of the characters in The Little Red Hen. Kids can be the little red hen by wearing a red shirt and pants with a blue or turquoise apron on top of them. The Little Red Hen can also carry a loaf of freshly baked bread. For the other animals, kids can wear a sweatsuit in the color of the animal, along with a red shirt for pig or a red vest for rat. To add a bit of humor, they can carry a speech bubble that says “Not I” attached to a craft stick. To make the animal ears and facial features, kids can fashion noses, beaks, and ears out of construction paper and attach them to a strip of construction paper that goes around the head. Parents can also use face paint to add features such as whiskers.

Little Red Riding Hood

little red

Little Red Riding Hood is full of characters for kids to dress up as. Girls can throw on a red cape over a dress and carry a picnic basket to become Little Red Riding Hood. Girls can also wear a dress, bonnet, and gray wig to become the grandmother. Boys can wear a brown sweatsuit and fashion a wolf nose and ears out of construction paper to become the Big Bad Wolf or add a granny bonnet and dress to be the Big Bad Wolf dressed up as grandmother.

To come up with other costume ideas, look at your favorite iStoryBooks stories. Solid colored sweatsuits work well for creating the base of animal costumes, and you can use colored tape to add on features like stripes. Construction paper and painted newspaper work well for making hats, accessories, and different facial features (ears, mouths, noses).  Large boxes and pieces of cardboard or foam board can be cut and painted to turn into trains, cars, fish, tress, and other fun objects.

Use your imagination to come up with the perfect costume for your kids.