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“Are you ready to learn about the fascinating world of trucks?”

The World of Trucks Big and Small uses the question to invite kids into this engaging non-fiction book. For many kids, particularly boys, the answer to the question will be a resounding “YES!” That’s because some kids really love trucks. The World of Trucks Big and Small from iStoryBooks.co is a great book for kids who love trucks and want to learn more about the different types of trucks that exist.

After reading through the book with kids, try some of the following activities.

Build a Road

Trucks drive on roads, so why not help kids build a road for their trucks to use? If you have space outside and don’t mind kids getting dirty, set aside some space in the garden or another patch of dirt and allow kids to dig out their own road. They can also dig holes and build piles of rocks, and then bring out their own construction trucks to help build the road. For a less messy outdoor road, gather some sticks or leaves and line them up to make the road.


Indoors, you can build a road for trucks using a variety of different materials. Line up blocks in a row on the carpet or draw pieces of road on index cards or pieces of paper and lay them out end to end. You can also outline a road with masking tape or painter’s tape. Kids can then drive their toy trucks along the road.

Design a Truck

You can also give kids a chance to design their own truck. The easiest way to let kids design their own truck is to print out black and white pictures of semi trucks and let kids draw whatever they want on the trucks. For a more involved activity, cut out a variety of rectangles, squares, circles, and other shapes you might find on trucks and let kids glue them onto a piece of paper in the shape of their own personalized truck.

Make Truck Tracks

Different trucks have different types of wheels and many toy trucks are designed to represent those types of wheels. Choose some toy trucks that can easily be washed for this activity. Give kids large pieces of white paper and a plate with brown paint on it. Let kids dip the wheels of the truck in the brown paint and then drive the truck along the white paper. As they do, they’ll see the different types of tracks the trucks make.

Watch Trucks in Action

Get out of the house and go find some trucks at work. Look for local construction sites and watch the trucks while work (safely behind the construction fence, of course) or drive on a freeway and have kids point out the different types of trucks they see. You can even create a scavenger hunt by giving kids a list of trucks to find. Some trucks to include on a scavenger hunt include:

  • Dump truck
  • Semi truck
  • Pickup truck
  • Mail truck
  • Garbage truck
  • Tanker truck
  • Moving truck

Use the book to come up with other types of trucks to add to the scavenger hunt. For younger kids, instead of writing out the names of the trucks, include pictures of the trucks they must find. Reward kids with a small toy truck or a truck sticker for finding all of the trucks on the list.


Attend a Touch a Truck Event

Browse local event listings to find touch a truck events. At a touch a truck event, kids get to see all kinds of trucks up-close. This includes fire trucks, cherry pickers, construction trucks, electric trucks, and even cable company trucks. Kids will get to meet the people who drive the trucks, see what the trucks look like inside, and maybe even get to sit inside the trucks and honk their horns.

If you can’t find a local touch a truck event, consider partnering with a grocery store or school to hold your own touch a truck event. Many companies will be willing to provide a truck in exchange for some free advertising. Even if you only get 3-4 trucks for kids to explore, it’ll still be a fun event and a great learning experience for kids.

What other activities involving trucks do you think kids will enjoy? We’d love to hear your ideas!