Generosity is a very important personality trait for any person to have, and you can teach your child about this through the story of Mother Theresa. She was one of the most generous people; generous with both her time and knowledge. Her life story shows that you don’t have to be rich with money to be generous, just rich with love and a sense of caring and justice.

Mother Teresa was not wealthy. She grew up living a comfortable life, but then her father died when she was still just a child. Her parents had always emphasized to her the importance of caring for others and giving to others, and she took this advice to heart. When she was a teenager she left home and joined a group of nuns. She donated her time to the care of the poor.

She was never wealthy, even when she started her Missionaries of Charity group, she always using the money towards the poor and needy. Since she didn’t have much money herself, she used the other resources at her disposal to help others. She used her knowledge to help people. She taught people in poor Indian villages to read. Even something as simple yet as powerful as reading can help empower others, and isn’t something that requires much. She also used her sense of caring and took in the sick and dying and gave them comfort and care when hospitals turned them away. She wasn’t a doctor or even a nurse, but she was able to help these people in her own way. She took in a child who was blind, given to her by the child’s father.

When reading the story of Mother Teresa to your child, focus on the first few pages especially. They have good advice for children, the advice Mother Teresa’s parents gave her. And kids can see how they can be generous by simply sharing what they have with their siblings or friends.

Speak with your child about how generosity goes a long way. Mother Teresa left a big mark on the world, both through her own work and her Missionaries of Charity groups work. She went above and beyond what many other nuns were doing. Not only did she help the poor herself, but she formed a group so that people all over the world could receive the help they needed so much. She will be remembered for generations to come.