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What a Baby Needs from iStoryBooks.co is a perfect concept book for a child who is about to become a big sister or brother. This book has adorable illustrations and useful narration. The book is arranged in alphabetical order with all of the things that babies need with the most important thing (love) at the end of the book.

Impressive Illustrations and Information


When you first open up iStoryBooks.co What a Baby Needs, you will be impressed by the cute bald baby in the bathtub. The text that accompanies this cute illustration shares that babies need to take baths, but in a special tub that is perfectly sized for small babies. The next pages share information about bibs, blankets, and books. Interestingly, the page about books does not talk at all about ebooks, but about cardboard, cloth, and paper books instead.

Everything that Babies Need

After the book page, the next few pages are about car seats, clothes, and cribs. Diapers and milk are next, with pacifiers, strollers, and toys on the final pages. The final page is about love and how important it is for babies to have plenty of cuddling time as well as love even when they are crying. Older siblings will enjoy seeing that babies need to be loved, even when they are crying. Older children will also enjoy asking their parents about their behavior as babies, especially when they were crying.

Helping Big Kids Be Bigger

This book is a good choice for toddlers and preschoolers who consider themselves to be “big kids” and no longer babies. Parents could use the book to help their toddlers move into a big kid bed, because the book shows that babies sleep in cribs. The book is also a good tool for parents to use when trying to break the pacifier habit with toddlers or preschoolers. Since the book says that babies use pacifiers, children will not want to be considered babies. Parents who want to encourage their children to stop wearing diapers will find this book to be helpful, too. Anytime that parents want to encourage their children to be “big” – they can use What a Baby Needs as useful tool, especially since big kids do not want to be considered babies anymore.

Safety First with Babies 

There are several references to safety in the book What a Baby Needs. The page about car seats discusses the importance of babies being in car seats rather than being held by their mothers, because it is safer to be in a car seat. Even the page about the crib shares how important it is for cribs to have four sides so babies do not fall out and get hurt. The page about blankets also talks about how tightly swaddled blankets make babies feel safe, too. The page about toys also addresses the fact that babies can choke on small toys. Older siblings will be able to understand why safety is such an important part of a baby’s life.

Comparing with Baby Animals

This book could be used in a compare and contrast situation with books about other babies. There are several books available that discuss what baby animals need. Children would enjoy looking at the similarities and differences between the needs of baby animals and baby humans. They will be surprised to see that there are many similarities, especially with what babies eat. Children could also compare the differences and similarities with older children, so they can see how humans grow and develop.

Perfect to Read to Babies

Even though What a Baby Needs is an ebook, rather than a paper, cloth, or cardboard book, it can be read to babies. The simple images and simple words will get the attention of older babies who are getting ready to begin talking. Parents will be able to see recognition in their babies’ eyes as they look upon the things that make up their worlds.