Grade: Kindergarten or 1st grade

Interest building activity

Ask children to think of their favorite superhero. Have them raise a hand when they’ve thought of one and call on a few students to state their favorite. Have a little talk with your students about what it is that makes their favorite superhero a hero. What does a superhero do? Write these things on the board. They save people. They help others. They are nice. Next, ask them if they have though about how everyday people can be heroes as well. They don’t have superpowers, but start a discussion about how you don’t need superpowers to be a hero. Let them know that maybe even they can grow up to be a hero one day.

Lesson development

Inform your students that you will be reading a story about someone that is a hero. Rather than being a superhero, she is a hero because of the ordinary, but great, things she has done. Also let them know that this is a true story. Read them the story of Mother Teresa. After reading the story, discuss as a class what some of the things were that made Mother Teresa a hero. She did a lot of good for others. She helped the poor by teaching them to read. She helped them by taking care of the sick. She was kind and spent her time helping others, and gave them the opportunity to have a better life. Call to students attention the fact that even as a child Mother Teresa was generous and kind, which means those are great traits to have if they would like to grow up to be heroes themselves someday!

Talk about other heroes in the community. A firefighter, who saves people from fires, can be a hero. A doctor, who helps heal sick people, is a hero. And a policeman, who keeps away “bad guys”, is a hero too.

Finally, talk about ways your students can be heroes themselves by helping others. Collecting food to give to the needy, or helping out animals at an animal shelter, can make them heroes in their own small way.


Have students choose how they can be a hero. This can either be through a job they would like to have in the future or through something they can do to help others now. Have them draw a picture of how they want to be a hero. If your students are first graders, have them write a sentence or two describing what is going on in the picture they have drawn.