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Many know of the life and accomplishments of Mother Teresa, but not many know of her upbringing and early life. Of course, the way children are raised plays a big part in how they grow up and who they grow up to be. By learning about the early life of Mother Teresa, we can see how the way her parents raised her played a big part in her personality and later life. She grew up to be one of the most well known woman in the world for her good deeds and helping the poor of the world, due at least in part due to her parents. Here are some lessons that parents can learn from Mother Teresa’s life.

Not having a lot of money is not necessarily a bad thing

Some parents feel like they have to give their children al the latest toys and electronics, and if they can’t afford extravagant gifts for holidays and birthdays, or can’t afford to put their kids in several extracurricular activities, that they are doing a disservice to their child. This is not the case. Often children who grow up with less learn to appreciate things so well. When Mother Teresa was a young girl, her father died, and her family became poor. However, Mother Teresa did not let that negatively affect her. Even if you have the money for a lot of things, try teaching your children to use it to give to charities or good causes. Mother Teresa had a good life at first, and she always shared what she had with others.

The advice you give your kids matters

We often remember the advice our parents give us when we’re young. The points of view of parents often influences their children’s, and this was true in the case of Mother Teresa and her parents. When they were well off, her father advised her and her siblings to share everything they had. So she and her brother and sister often shared what they had. “Never eat a single mouthful unless you are sharing with others”, he told them. Their mother further advised them that when they do good, it should be done quietly, “as if you were throwing a stone in the sea.” Therefore they knew not to brag or expect any reward for what they did. And when she grew up, Mother Teresa was extremely generous, without expecting anything in return.