Snow White is a classic tale that has numerous moral lessons contained within. It discusses the issues of jealousy, conceitedness, and kindness. It has been told and retold across centuries and enjoyed by generations of children. Here is a summary of one adaptation of the story.

The story of Snow White starts off with the birth of Snow White. Her mother, the Queen, dies soon after her birth, so before long her father, the King, marries another woman. She becomes Snow White’s stepmother, but is an evil one. She is very conceited and takes pride in the fact that she is the most beautiful in the land. She has a magic mirror that she looks into to be told she is the most beautiful. One day, however, when Snow White has grown up, the stepmother finds out that she is no longer the fairest in the land; instead, this distinction belongs to Snow White. The stepmother becomes very jealous.

What she does next is call one of her huntsmen to her and order him to kill Snow White. He is to take Snow White deep into the forest, after which he has been ordered to kill her. Luckily, he has a heart, unlike the stepmother, and doesn’t kill Snow White. Instead he leaves her alone deep within the forest. Snow White is sad and scared to realize that she’s alone, but soon comes to find a cabin in the woods. Seven dwarves live there, and they welcome Snow White and let her live with them.

One day while consulting her mirror, the stepmother learns that Snow White is still alive. The stepmother again lets her jealousy get the better of her. She decides to get Snow White herself this time, and, dressed up in a disguise as an old lady, goes to the seven dwarves’ cabin with a poisoned apple for Snow White. Snow White falls down as soon as she eats the apple, and appears to be dead. The dwarves make her a bed to stay in, but are unable to wake her.

Finally, a Prince comes along and shakes Snow White gently to try to wake her, thus dislodging an apple piece inside of her and causing her to wake up. They decide to get married, and become the new king and queen. Snow White’s evil stepmother pays the ultimate sacrifice for her behavior and is turned to stone.