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Kids Love Dinosaurs!

Kids love dinosaurs. They love to learn about their names, what they ate, and where they lived. With the iStoryBooks.co concept book The World of Dinosaurs: Big and Small, your child can continue to build his knowledge of dinosaurs. The concept books presents a page by page list of several different dinosaurs ranging from the incredibly large apatosaurus to the fearsome tyrannosaurus rex. This book of dinosaurs is arranged in the alphabetical order with plenty of informative text to help readers learn about the special characteristics of the ten dinosaurs presented in the book. Like all iStoryBooks.co titles, the book has vividly bright illustrations and easy to read text. While the book is designed to be read aloud to a young child, early readers will be able to understand some of the words in the text.

Dinosaurs are Easy to Find

This concept book helpfully presents the dinosaurs in alphabetical order. Since most children end up having a favorite dinosaur that they want to look at day after day, you will easily be able to turn right to that page. Another interesting feature about the book is that each dinosaur name has its translation. So, if you ever wondered what “apatosaurus” meant, you now know it means “deceptive reptile.” Since young children are at their language-learning peak, they will soak up this knowledge and quickly memorize those translations.

Opportunities for Sorting Activities

Since this book is a concept book rather than a story book, it is a good book to use with sorting activities. Each page provides the same information about each dinosaur, so you will know if the creature was a carnivore or herbivore, as well as the creature’s preferred habitat. Children will love organizing the features, especially if you can find toy versions of each dinosaur. Teachers and parents will be able to explain the difference between the different diets and for fun, they could prepare a carnivorous meal and an herbivous meal for the children to eat. Otherwise, children could also sort pictures of food along with the dinosaurs.

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Fun Information to Learn

Another useful text feature is the fact that each page has five sentences of information about each dinosaur. Each page is structured in the same way, beginning with the translated name and followed by the preferred dietary habits. The next three sentences include special features about each dinosaur. For example, readers will learn that the triceratops has the largest skull of any land animal ever discovered. These features would be fun for children to investigate. Children can use their prior knowledge to guess what animals have the largest skulls now. Teachers and parents could show children pictures of animal skulls, or take their children to local museums to show them real skulls from animals in their localities.

Developing Early Inference Skills

Parents and teachers can use The World of Dinosaurs for work with early inference skills. All dinosaurs needed to have some kind of protective feature, since most of them have large natural predators. It is well-known that tyrannasaurus had large teeth and powerful legs, but children might not know what the other dinosaurs used for defense (or offense). Children can use the information that is presented or not presented on the page to see how each dinosaur protected itself from the predators that roamed the land. Inferring can be a fun activity with books like this, especially with a dinosaur like the struthiomimus, which seems like a small fragile creature. Hopefully, children will be able to infer that the dinosaur would use its speed to escape predators, especially since the creature did not have any teeth!

Learning Early Reading Skills

Each dinosaur page has other features that make it a fun read for parents, teachers, and children. While the dinosaur names are all rather long, children will quickly memorize them by sight. Early readers will be able to read some of the text, especially on the page with the queztalcoatlus – even though the name might be challenging for many children to say. On this same page, children might wonder about Mexican god that helped the creature earn its name. This would present another opportunity for a child to learn something new, too.

The World of Dinosaurs is a good choice for parents and teachers because of the fact that it serves as inspiration for so much more learning!