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Grade: 1st

Interest-building activity:

Begin by asking students to pick an object in the room. Then, ask them to describe the object. Prompt them by asking questions like what color the object is, what shape it is, if it’s big or small, hard or soft, etc. Write the words the students come up with on the board for them all to see. Explain that these are describing words…words that tell you how something looks, smells, feels, and more. Anything that can help you know more about the object. Tell them that these words they have come up with are also known as adjectives. Write this new term up on the board and have students repeat it.

Lesson Development:

-Tell students they will be hearing the story of Hansel and Gretel. Ask students to raise a quiet thumb when they hear an adjective in the story. As you red the story, slow down as you reach parts which have an adjective in them to give students the chance to identify them. Some of the adjectives in the story: lovely, white, sugary, wicked, clever, and thin.

-After identifying the adjectives present in the story of Hansel and Gretel, ask students to take out a sheet of paper to write on. Have them line the paper into three columns. Title one column “Hansel and Gretel”, one column “The Witch” and one column “The Witch’s House”. Ask them to write adjectives under each column that describes that person or object. After the class has had sufficient time to write several adjectives for each item, write the same columns on the board. Ask students to raise their hands and share one of the adjectives they have come up with.

-Let students know you will now play an adjective game. Let them know that you will choose an object in the room, and they can ask you questions about certain adjectives and whether or not they describe the object. For example, they can ask you, “Is it red?” or “Is it round?” You will answer yes or no to these questions. Based on your answers to the questions, the students can guess what object you’re thinking of. Then the students can pair off and play the same game with their partner.


For homework, have students choose three objects at home and write at least five adjectives to describe each object.


As an extension of learning adjectives, have students use adjectives to describe things in their other subjects, such as to describe science terms or social studies terms.