imageBravery comes in many shapes and forms, and is an excellent quality for anyone to have. The story of Hansel and Gretel showcases two kids who, yes, have made some mistakes, however, they correct those mistakes and get out of their situation through exhibiting bravery. Instead of giving in to their predicament, they instead do what they can to fix things.

The first problem they go through is being stuck in the woods. Instead of being scared and feeling alone, Hansel and Gretel were brave enough to look around and see where they were. They didn’t give up or give in to any fears. They didn’t sit down and cry or feel like things were hopeless, even when it started to get dark out.

Hansel and Gretel then find themselves inside of the home of the evil witch. They’re placed in a cage and informed that they’ll be eaten by the witch. It would be understandable for anyone to be scared in such a situation, but Hansel and Gretel kept their cool and this way were able to formulate a plan in such a stressful situation. When their initial plan didn’t work, and Gretel was out of the cage to help the witch get the oven ready, Gretel was very brave and took the chance to push the witch in the oven instead. In doing so, she saved both herself and her brother.

Had Hansel and Gretel not been brave, they may have not gotten out of their situation very easily. They could have easily given up at any point or thought that it wasn’t worth it to keep trying against such a formidable opponent as the witch. But they remained brave and in the end were able to save themselves even though they were just children.

Ask your kids or students what bravery means to them. Tell them to think about how being brave in a situation can help them get through a hard time. Talk about the benefits of being brave. Being brave in a situation can help one think clearly like Hansel and Gretel did. Being brave means doing things you might be afraid to do, but doing them anyway because these things may save you or make the situation better. Also explain how bravery doesn’t always only involve actions, but can also involve words. Sometimes saying the right thing or speaking up when something bad is happening is being brave as well.