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Optimism in the face of negativity is a great quality to have. The story of Cinderella highlights a girl who retains a sense of optimism and hope even in the face of hardship. She maintains a happy, cheery attitude even when going through a hard time. There is also a sense of optimism on the part of the Prince, as well. With only a single glass slipper left as a clue to who it was that he had danced with, he nevertheless remained optimistic and initiated a search for the girl.

You can explain optimism to your child or students like this: optimism is when you look on the bright side of things, even when things aren’t exactly going to plan or going the way you want. It’s also about making the best of a bad situation. Ask them to think of a time where something bad happened, and have them think of ways they could have dealt with things in a more positive way. Have them think about optimism as it pertains to the future, too.

Cinderella is a great example of optimism. Not only did she remain a hard worker despite her stepmother and stepsister’s treatment of her, but she also kept a happy, uncomplaining attitude about it all. Luckily many children in this day and age don’t have to go through such harsh conditions as Cinderella did, but this story helps them see a good example of how a good natured person deals with such a rough life, and can make them appreciate their own life, have a better work ethic, and hopefully deal more positively when faced with negative situations.

Cinderella knew she was being treated differently, but always maintained a cheery way about her and never resorted to the negative ways of her stepsisters or stepmom. She could easily have been embittered by them or influenced by their ways. She could have easily turned out with a cynical, negative outlook on life, yet she retained her positivity and hope, and was a better person for it.

The Prince also exhibited a great sense of optimism. After Cinderella left the ball abruptly at midnight! he holds onto the hope that the one glass slipper he has will help him find her. It’s not much to go on, but with determination and optimism, even the impossible can be possible, and that in itself is another lesson for kids.