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Grade: 2nd

Interest-building activity:

Begin by asking your students to raise their hand if they have heard of the story of Cinderella, either through reading the story or watching a movie. Then, open up the story of Cinderella on the iStoryBooks app (on a tablet) or on the website iStoryBooks.co (on a Smartboard or displayed through a projector.) Read the story to the students, pausing every so often to have students comment on each characters actions, as a precursor to discussing character traits.

Lesson Development:

-After having read the story of Cinderella, ask students to list the name of the characters in the story. Write these on the board as students come up with each one. They should come up with at least the main characters: Cinderella, the stepsisters, the stepmom, the Prince, and the fairy godmother. They may add the father, the king, and the Prince’s ministers.

-Now discuss character traits with the class. Start by telling kids that traits are adjectives used to describe a person’s personality. Character traits are those that describe a character in a book. Give an example of a personality trait of your own. Then ask students to volunteer to list a trait of a classmate or themselves. Ensure that the students understand the concept of traits.

-Hand out worksheets that have ‘Cinderella’ printed on one side of the paper and “The stepsisters” on the other side, with a line dividing the page down the middle. Have students write out character traits of Cinderella and the stepsisters on the appropriate side of the page. Meanwhile, write the same two categories on the board, and go around working with struggling students to provide extra help with the task. When students have had time to finish coming up with several character traits for each character, ask students to share some of the traits they came up with and write them on the board.


For homework, have students choose their favorite character from a book they have read and write a list of at least five traits that character exhibits.


A fun writing extension idea would be for your students to choose one of the characters from Cinderella and write a version of the story from that character’s perspective. As prompts, ask the students to think of how that character felt at each part of the story they were in. Ask them to think of that character’s traits and how they would react to certain situations in the story.