The Prince in the story of Cinderella may seem like just a supporting character, yet this character teaches an important lesson as well. The prince exhibits the personality traits of industriousness, diligence, and patience. He never gives up and goes for what he wants even though it may seem like an impossible task, all important qualities in a person. He made use of what little clues he had in his situation and was able to solve his problem this way. Kids can learn a lot from his character!

The Prince enters the story about halfway through, as Cinderella meets him at the ball. As with many fairy tales, it’s love at first sight between Cinderella and the Prince, as they dance away the night together. Upon Cinderella’s abrupt departure, however, the Prince realizes he does not even know who this enchanting girl was. All he has to go upon is a single glass slipper that has been left behind in Cinderella’s hurry to leave.

In light of such a seemingly hopeless situation, many people may give up. They may think to themselves that the task at hand is monumental and not worth the effort, or just write it off as a lost opportunity.

However, the Prince did the opposite of giving up hope. He stuck to what he wanted and decided upon a plan to find the girl he had danced with. He made use of what little resources he had to go upon (the single glass slipper) and decided on a clever way to find out who it belonged to. Sending guards to try the slipper on every young woman in the kingdom, he hoped to eventually find her, and in the end, due to his diligent efforts, he did.

This can be connected to many everyday issues in a child’s life. Ask your child or students to think of a time when they almost lost hope. It could be similar to the Prince’s situation where he lost something he cared about, or it could be a situation where the amount of homework they had seemed insurmountable, or where they weren’t sure they had a hard time solving a particularly hard puzzle or beating a hard level on a video game. Have them try to think of ways in which they could have devised a plan of action like the Prince did, and if they think they may have had a better outcome if they had.