Cinderella is a timeless story that has been told and retold across generations and with different adaptations throughout cultures. It follows the story of a young woman named Cinderella, who lives a hard life with her stepmom and stepsisters, who are very mean to her. This story is one of triumph and overcoming hardship, but also one of patience in the meantime until things have changed. It is a great story for parents to read to their children or teachers to read to their students, as there are a great many morals to be learned from it as well.

Cinderella’s spoiled stepmom and stepsisters do nothing around the house and leave all the chores up to Cinderella. Cinderella works through despite her bad treatment, and always maintains a wonderful attitude. Cinderella’s story changes with the announcement of a ball to be held by the King at his palace. Her stepsisters immediately get ready to attend, however, Cinderella doesn’t have the same finery as them and therefore can’t attend. That is when her fairy godmother shows up and Cinderella is given not only a beautiful dress and jewelry to wear, but a beautiful horse-drawn carriage as well.

Once at the ball, Cinderella meets and dances with the Prince. After a night of dancing, Cinderella remembers her fairy Godmother’s warning that the magic will end at midnight. She flees just in time; however, one of her glass slippers is left behind. It is with this shoe that the Prince intends to find out who his mystery dancing partner was.

After a kingdom-wide search by the Prince’s magistrates, Cinderella is finally found to be the one whom the glass slipper fits. It is then that she becomes the Prince’s bride, and her fortune is forever changed for the better. Not only does she now have a good life of a princess, and can leave her hard life behind, but she has the ultimate prize, true love and someone to spend her life with.

There is so much that can be learned from the story of Cinderella; both positive lessons from the protagonists Cinderella and the Prince as well as cautionary tales in regards to the stepmom and stepsisters. Read on for lessons that can be learned from the overall story as well as from each character’s personality. These can make great starting points for discussions with your child or lesson plans for your classroom.

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