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Review by Kristen Bentley

A bit about the author: Kristen  is a High school English teacher since 1994. Mother of two and professional writer with a Master’s degree in education. She loves to read, travel, watch baseball, and watch her children play sports, too.

The Buffoon and the Countryman

“The Buffoon and the Countryman” is another winning story from iStorybooks.co. This story tells the tale of a nobleman who decides to open up a theater and search for talent. There was no charge to see the shows and the nobleman promised that the best performer would be handsomely rewarded. Many performers auditioned, including a bearded lady, a buffoon, and a countryman. The story is a classic story of the underdog succeeding despite his weakness and in this case, the underdog is the buffoon.

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In “The Buffoon and the Countryman,” the Buffoon entertains the crowd by mimicking the sound of a pig. His ability is questioned by the countryman. When the countryman has a turn the next day, he uses a real pig to compete with the buffoon. Unfortunately for the countryman, the pig he has in his coat appears and the crowd realizes that the buffoon is truly talented. The countryman chases the pig off the stage as the nobleman awards the prize for the best show to the buffoon. As his prize, the buffoon receives a nugget of gold from the nobleman.

Later, the townspeople learn a valuable lesson: not to judge a person by the way he looks. This is an important lesson for children to learn.

Teachable Moments: Vocabulary Lessons

This story has plenty of opportunities for parents and teachers to teach children new words. “The Buffoon and the Countryman” has several new words for young children. One of the first words that children will need to learn is the title word, “buffoon.” Most children will not know what a buffoon is.

Each page includes words that children will need to understand. Many will not know what it means to “handsomely reward” someone. They will not know what a nobleman is, too. A few other words that children will not know include scoffed, eager, anticipation, porker, and ridicule. Fortunately, many of them can be taught using context clues, which is a vocabulary skill that children need to learn as begin reading.

Opportunities for Sharing Skills

This book not only has the educational value in its vocabulary, but also in the fun opportunities that the story provides. The fact that the book is about a showcase of talents opens up the opportunity for children to share their talents, too. Whether they are in school or hanging around with their friends or family, children could always use opportunities to showcase their special talents.

Get Students Involved in Planning a Talent Show

Current education trends involve students getting involved in planning events and creating projects. Elementary age children are capable of much more than most people think. Many elementary children would love to be involved in planning a talent show where their classmates and friends can perform in front of an audience. Students can be involved in organizing the show, designing and selling tickets, and managing the program.

Along with giving students opportunities to plan and execute projects like a talent show, many schools have also begun designating money to give to charities. Students love being able to pick charities and it is a great lesson to learn to donate money to a charity after planning a program designed to entertain their friends and family members.

What Hats Do You Wear: Teaching the Metaphor

Children can also learn about the metaphorical hats that people wear during the day. Children do not realize that people have several different responsibilities through the day. They can learn about how their parents have to work, take care of the family, and take care of other daily jobs, too. Teachers can also share the many hats they wear with their students, too. Students can get involved by talking about the different “hats” they wear, from being awesome kids, good students, and helpful friends.

Sharing the Entertaining Stories on iStoryBook.co

“The Buffoon and the Countryman” teaches a classic lesson that offers many teachable moments. Whether parents or teachers prepare vocabulary lessons for their children or they try something bigger, elementary-age children will learn something valuable from this story. This story along with the other iStoryBooks collection are designed to help children build their love of reading in an entertaining way.